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Unfortunately I didn't find the time to work on this project for a very long time now. Priorities have changed and I don't know if or when I continue on this project.
Thanks for your understanding.

Project Description
Opo Perspective is a webmail client developed with ASP.NET MVC and C#.
- Flexible (different mail servers and protocols)
- Extensible (add functionality like calendar, notes etc. as modules)
- Ajaxified UI (unobtrusive JavaScript using jQuery)
- Conversations, tags, search etc.

I wanted to start this project in April 2008 but I could not find a free POP3 client which satisfied my needs. So I decided to develop my own, which you can find here: But it's also possible to write your own provider for retrieving emails for example if you want to use a commercial product. It's also possible to write a provider which fetches emails directly from a local directory.

Now and then I will write some articles about the development of this webmail client:

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